Major Auto Trends 2022

2022 Car Trends

The following are major auto trends of 2022. These trends follow from previous years but they have been even more trendy this year. Each of these items impacts how car buyers are viewing what type of car they are going to purchase and how the car will impact their lifestyle. Here are the major trends:

Electric Vehicles (EV)

There has been a ton of electric cars already placed on the market, but 2022 will be reinforcing this trend as more and buyers choose electric vehicles. Factors like battery pricing coming down, rising fuel prices, and a reduced difference between the cost of EVs and ICE vehicles, as well as tightening emission norms, and low cost of ownership for zero-emission vehicles compared to their ICE counterparts. There is growing general awareness regarding green or environmental issues influencing the growth of electric vehicle sales. Tesla has proven electric vehicles are here to stay and well capable of replacing traditional fossil fuel vehicles.

Self Driving/Autonomous Cars

Everybody is aware that self driving cars are here to stay as well. We should expect growth in this space, with several autonomous vehicles to come to market in 2022. Another major change in the industry in addition to electric vehicles will be growth in the autonomous vehicle segment. Self-driving technology is becoming more important in the auto industry. A couple of legacy automakers tech startups in the car space are working on bringing self-driving technology to market. With the growing demand for self-driving vehicles from the public, it is important that the newer technologies are being offered, which appeal to younger car buyers.

Cars With More Features

There are tons of new features in new cars. Whether it is a lower mass-market model or a high-value luxury car, almost all new cars come loaded with a wide range of features and technologies across different segments. These include things like driving aid systems, convenience, and safety features. Entertainment has become an important part of modern cars including streaming video mode and Wi-Fi access. Other features include massage seats, heated seats, self-driving, collision prediction, gaming from the in-car infotainment system, and even air purification are becoming increasingly mainstream. We should expect car manufacturers to keep adding more and more new features in 2022.

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